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Domestic Relations

The dissolution of a marriage is a matter of consequence not only for you and your spouse but also for your family and loved ones.  It is a matter of great consequence for your children, particularly minor children.  To mitigate the adverse consequences that naturally lay in the wake of a divorce, you often need the assistance of experienced counsel and social workers. Whether you come to this office seeking a petition to dissolve a marriage or come seeking assistance after a petition has been served upon you, I am ready to assist.  I am particularly mindful of the effect the dissolution will have upon minor children.  I will serve you with understanding, and respect for your wishes and the wishes and concerns you have for your children.  I will work closely with you to achieve a fair and equitable allocation of assets and debts.  We can work together to assure that matters of support, custody, and visitation rights are always in the best interest of the minor children and consistent with both the rights and responsibilities which the law imposes on each parent.  Only a court judge can sign your Decree of Divorce, but all must work together with assistance from a number of sources to assure that the decree which the judge signs is just, fair, and equitable under all the circumstance.  As we work toward that end, I will assist you vigorously and with respect.

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