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Juvenile Matters

A mistake doesn't have to ruin your child's future.

When a child (a person under 18 years of age) commits an act that would have been a crime had he or she been and adult, that child falls under the purview of Idaho’s Juvenile Correction Act.  This law looks toward correction of deviant behavior as opposed to simply punishment for such behavior.  The juvenile correction system focuses on protecting the community, holding the juvenile accountable, and developing competency in the juvenile’s behavior.  There are a number of social services available as well as a number of options available to the Court to correct this behavior depending on the individual juvenile and the type of deviant behavior involved.  The juvenile, and often times the parents of the juvenile, need the assistance of counsel to weave their way through this judicial process to achieve a desired result.  This office is prepared to provide assistance to the juvenile and/or a parent or guardian to assist in reaching a positive result.

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