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Family Issues

You deserve the best - especially when it comes to those you love the most.

Families are a society’s greatest asset and an individual’s greatest resource both in times of plenty and in times of need.  However, for a variety of reasons a family may find itself in need of legal assistance. Families are always fractured in times of divorce.  Likewise they become stressed when one or more of the children fall within the purview of the Idaho Juvenile Correction Act.  Families are often stressed to such a point that children may fall within the purview of the Idaho Child Protection Act and need to be removed from the home for protection.  Family difficulties may result in, or be aggravated by domestic violence such as physical or mental abuse.  This violence may reach a level where police and courts become involved.  Families may need assistance in finding resources for children with special needs or elderly parents with special needs of their own.  Often assistance is needed in distributing estate assets or dealing with creditors.  These family issues may involve courts and the judicial process, or may be just a matter of availing oneself of the help provided by governmental or social agencies.  If your family is found to be in these or other like circumstances my office stands ready to assist you.  I will assist you with the respect, attention, and dedication that your particular circumstances demand.

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